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How many times have you heard the debate about global warming? How many times have you heard the debate about the importance of clean air? Don’t worry, we’ve heard it to. And we’ve come to a conclusion – which is probably why you’re here. Evergreen Air duct cleaning California has discovered, and all our professionally training cleaning technicians will agree, that clean air is better for your lungs.

But you probably already know that, it’s why you’re here! Evergreen Air  offers some of the best services . Also, at Evergreen we have very affordable rates and have the equipment and skills to get the job done in a very effective manner.

The Rise  of Clean Air Ducts

In recent years air duct cleaning has become much more popular. There are many reasons for this success, but one of the main reasons is that people are beginning to understand the direct health benefits of living in a clean environment that also has good air quality. It used to be that doctors couldn’t’t prove that bad air quality had a direct affect on the health of an individual. However, with the creation of the medical term ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ (SBS), this kind of ignorance is finally being abolished. And this is where air duct cleaning in California becomes very, very appropriate. It used to be that doctors couldn’t prove that bad air quality had a direct affect on the health of an individual. Now, with such service as Evergreen Air Offers  , this is beginning to change.

Without a doubt, the leading cause of pollutants in a ventilation system is dust. Dust is just small pieces of metal that are very hard to detect. What creates dust? Most dust in a home or business building comes from the outdoors. It is blown through open windows and doors. Although, many people try and contain dust, it is often very difficult to do so in an effective manner. Dust can also be created from the shedding of human skin and hair. Combine these two factors together and you have situation wherein dust is virtually impossible to avoid. In other words, dust will accumulate - therefore, the chances of your ducts experiencing some form of clogging is in fact is very high. It is vital you do your own personal inspection on a monthly basis, as well as use air duct cleaning services for ventilation assessments.

Sick Building Syndrome:

Over half of ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, a medical term that describes the consequence of living in a building with poor air quality, is almost always caused by pollutants in the ventilation system. It used to be that such cleaning never occurs. Times have changed. For instance, air duct cleaning California is one of the best ways to clean out such a ventilation system in an efficient way. In fact, the entire process is so easy it begs the question of why none of this has been done before and why air duct cleaning California hasn’t been done on a continual basis? Why does anyone work or living with poor air quality? For the intent and purpose of air duct cleaning, California residents know of such importance.

For instance, allergies caused by poor ventilation systems are actually impacting the health care systems of the United States by an estimated 18 billion dollars per year. This is a staggeringly big number. It startles the technicians at air duct cleaning California , too. It should leave you in shock and make you ask the simple question: why? What interests air duct cleaning California the most about this statistic is that the aspect that the number could be decreased. For example, if the average citizen started making sure that he or she was always living in an environment of clean air ducts they would be living a much healthier and more affordable life.

Before divulging in any serious air duct California , it may be a good idea to look over a few facts:
· One of the most unknown facts when it comes to air ducts is simple. Dirty ducts are the same thing as having ducts that aren’t working efficiently – or having a ventilation system that does work as it should. One of the statistics that air duct cleaning California likes to tell customers is that it takes up to 30% more energy to heat a building that is using air ducts full of pollutants.
· 90% of Americans spend the majority of the day inside. Why is this relevant fact to a cleaning service such as air duct cleaning California ? Consider how dirty air is not only bad for your lungs, but that it is bad for your overall health. A few examples of the negative consequences of living in such a scenario include a buildup of mould and funguses, as well as the buildup of other strong and dangerous pollutants.
· ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ is common through North America. What exactly is SBS? Essentially, it is a situation where people feel ill while working in a building – or living in it, for that matter. Often, air duct cleaning California is called because of this sickness, which is caused by dirty ducts.

Pollutants can be considered a multitude of things. This includes:

· Dirt
· Dust
· Mould

The scary thing about these kinds of pollutants is that they have such negative effects on air quality. Worse yet, these negative effects have only been recently been discovered and so people are still learning just how bad they are for their health. It means that air duct cleaning California needs to educate people – and people need to be educated now. Using air duct cleaning California is the first step into improving your own air quality. It can act like a domino effect – the more other people see how much better your air is, the more they will want the same for themselves.

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